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# Lightbox2

The original lightbox script. Eight years later — still going strong!

Lightbox is small javascript library used to overlay images on top of the current page. It's a snap to setup and works on all modern browsers.

For demos and usage instructions, visit [](

by [Lokesh Dhakar](

## Roadmap

### Actively being worked on

- **Maintenance.** Get open Issues and PRs number down.

### Not on the roadmap

- **HTML or video content.** The goal of the script from the start has been to provide a better image viewing experience and I am planning on staying focused on that vision. Don't worry though there are plenty of alternative scripts a google away for those who need HTML or video content support.

### v3.0 - In Brainstorming Phase

- Add touch gesture support.
- Rewrite animations for performance and flexibility.
- Optimize layout for mobile.
- Optimize layout for screens of varying densities.
- Use inline SVG for UI elements.
- Do not initialize automatically and allow multiple instances.
- Add event handlers.
- Allow the setting of options from HTML.
- Allow instantiation with jQuery plugin syntax.
- If one of the two options, maxWidth or maxHeight, is set, maintain aspect ratio.
- Evaluate start, end, and transition animations.
- Evaluate preloading and caching.
- Evaluate droppping jQuery requirement.
- If user attempts to go forward when at end of image set, animation (shake?) indicating the end or option to close Lightbox.

## Changelog

### v2.8.2 - 2015-12-13

- [Add] npm support. ```npm install --save lightbox2```
- [Add] Add option to disable vertical scrolling [#487]( Thanks [blacksunshineCoding](
- [Fix] When horizontal scrolling is on page the overlay is not covering entire page [#485]( Thanks [@manuel-io](
- [Change] Add css minify task to Gruntfile.js and removedlegacy css vendor prefixes for border-radius. [#470]( Thanks [ajerez](

### v2.8.1 - 2015-07-09

- [Fix] Change AMD jQuery require statement to use all lowercase. [#464]( Thanks [@vtforester](

### v2.8.0 - 2015-06-29

- [Add] UMD support (AMD, CommonJS, fallback to global export).[#461](
- [Add] option method for setting options. [#461](
- [Add]

### v2.7.4 - 2015-06-23

- [Change] Revert jquery dep version to 2.x from 1.x. Added note to Lightbox page about using jQuery 1.x to get IE6, 7, and 8 support.
- [Fix] Preserve author and license comments from lightbox.js in minified files.

### v2.7.3 - 2015-06-22

- [Add] Barebone HTML file with examples /examples/index.html.
- [Add] jquery.lightbox.js which concatenates jQuery and Lightbox. This is for those who are Bower averse or want an extra easy install.

### v2.7.2 - 2015-06-16

- [Add] maxWidth and maxHeight options added [#197](
- [Add] Enable target attribute in caption links [#299](
- [Change] Switched to The MIT License from  Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
- [Change] Add CSS and images to bower.json main property.
- [Change] Dropped version property from bower.json. [#453](
- [Change] Use src -> dist folder structure for build.
- [Fix] Remove empty src attribute from img tag [#287](
- [Fix] Correct grammatical error in comment [#224](
- [Fix] Clear the jquery animation queue before hiding the .lb-loader [#309](
- [Remove] Remove releases's zips from repo.

### v2.7.1 - 2014-03-30

- [Fix] Enable links in captions

### v2.7.0 - 2014-03-29

- [Add] Support for data-title attribute for the caption.  - Thanks [@copycut](
- [Add] New option to enable always visible prev and next arrows
- [Change] Rewrite Coffeescript code into plain ole Javascript
- [Change] Updated jQuery to v1.10.2
- [Fix] prev/next arrows not appearing in IE9 and IE 10 - Thanks [@rebizu](
- [Fix]  Support wrap around option w/keyboard actions. Thanks [@vovayatsyuk](

### v2.6.0 - 2013-07-06

- [Add] Added wraparound option
- [Add] Added fitImagesInViewport option - now mobile friendly
- [Add] Added showImageNumber label
- [Add] Compatibility with html5shiv
- [Add] Html5 valid using new data-lightbox attribute
- [Add] Compatibility with hmtl5shiv and modernizr
- [Add] Support jquery 1.9+
- [Change] Move reference to loading and close images into css
- [Change] Cache jquery objects

### v2.5.0 - 2012-04-11

- [Change] Switch to jQuery from Prototype and Scriptaculous
- [Change] Switch from Javacript to Coffeescript
- [Change] Switch from CSS to SASS
- [Add] Repo created on Github

## How to deploy

- Update version number in ```src/lightbox.js```
- Update Changelog with release date
- grunt build
- Push to Github repo
- Create a new Github release along with tag. Naming convention for both ```v2.8.1```