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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Faculty of Language, Literature and Humanities - Department of Northern European Studies

The Student Council considers itself the representation of the student body at the Department of Northern European Studies.

The student body refers to all students who are studying a major, minor, single subject, masters or a doctorate degree at the Department of Northern European Studies. The Student Council is elected in every semester by you, but maybe you’ve asked yourself what exactly we do? If you have, do read the following information and find the answer!


Why do we exist?

We defend your interests and problems before the institutional bodies of the department and the faculty. We try to mediate between you as a student and the teaching staff if a problem occurs. We are consulted in internal questions such as hiring processes and course organisation. Of course we don’t just operate on a political level, but are also approachable as students ourselves.


And what kind of interesting things do we do?

Obviously studying at university is not just the literal ‘studying’. Everybody needs a bit of distraction from work now and then! That’s why we organise Midsommar every summer semester and the Lucia fete around Christmas. As part of our ‘Filmklubb’ we regularly show movies and invite you to discuss them afterwards with snacks. We also help out with the graduates’ party and other festivities. Furthermore we are very keen to make the beginning as easy as possible for the first semester students (BA and MA). Alongside campus tour, pub crawl, timetable advice and a breakfast for first semesters we’re always available for a casual chat in the Lekrum (our community room).


We use severa media channels to keep you updated

FacebookFSRamNI: Here you will find useful information about special offers, day to day events and news concerning everyday student life and the occasional recommendation for going out.


eMail – For all kinds of questions. Write to fs.nordeuropa-institut@hu-berlin.de

In order to keep you from falling asleep during class and to give you something to hold on to during exciting lectures we offer refreshments. Between Monday and Friday during the day you can buy freshly brewed fair trade coffee or tea for 50 Cents in unique mugs on loan. Apart from that you can also buy Club-Mate (1€) and occasionally other soft drinks for shop prices.


Want to get involved?

Does that sound exciting to you? Do you want to have a closer look at what we do? Could you even imagine participating? Students from different semesters, lots of new experiences in the areas of event management and university politics await you, as well as the opportunity to establish useful contacts to other students you might otherwise miss out on. We always welcome new members, no matter which semester, subject combination, no matter if minor, major, single subject, masters or PhD students! Just come to our weekly meeting on a Wendsday evening, which always takes place from 6pm to about 8pm (Dorotheenstraße 24, House 3, Room 3.106). The meetings are open to the public, so we welcome visitors and new ideas.

(April 2018, translated October 2017)