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Sabine Meyer
»Wo sollte sie auch schon hingehen?« Zu Rainer Werner Fassbinders Auseinandersetzung mit Henrik Ibsens ‚Et dukkehjem' und ‚Hedda Gabler'

Rainer Werner Fassbinder remains to be one of the most influential German directors of the Sixties and Seventies. He approached the issues of his time in a very significant peculiarity and set a particular focus on female figures responding to a renewed agenda of the women's liberation movement. His examination consisted of producing new texts as well as adapting canonized work. Et dukkehjem and Hedda Gabler of the Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen appear as central pieces in that context and insinuated themselves into Fassbinder's own writing. The proposal finds that Fassbinder combined his own visions with tools he found in Ibsen's plays, which is evident in his adaptations of Et dukkehjem and Hedda Gabler, but even more so in his own original female characters. Especially the dramatic structure of Fassbinder's consecutive play and film Die bitteren Tränen der Petra von Kant underlines a strong orientation towards Ibsen.


[Magisterarbeiten im Fachteil Neuere skandinavische Literaturen 2008]