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(Re)Producing the North. Space, Knowledge, and Maps

Workshop, December 5–7, 2014, Berlin, Germany


The workshop is organized by The Department for Northern European Studies at Humboldt University, Berlin (DNES), and The Department of Archaeology, Conservation and History at the University of Oslo (IAKH), in cooperation with the Map Collection of the State Library in Berlin. The research project “Negotiating Space, Arranging the Land” is funded by The Norwegian Research Council (programme SAMKUL – Cultural conditions underlying social change).




Edward Stanford: Map of the countries round the North Pole (undated). Note: “With Dr. Nansen´s intended route marked out by himself on Feb. 15. 1892 – also his accomplished Journey (also marked out by himself on March 2. 1897).” Detail. Courtesy of the Norwegian National Library.


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