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Ruth Hemstad: 01.12.2015

  • Was Henrik-Steffens-Vorlesung
  • Wann 01.12.2015 von 19:00 bis 21:00
  • Wo DOR 24, Raum 3.134 (Georg Brandes)
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The congress of Vienna and the destiny of Norway



Ruth Hemstad
Historikerin und Forschungsbibliothekarin an der Norwegischen Nationalbibliothek

The congress of Vienna and the destiny of Norway

The destiny of Norway was for a brief period of time, and probably for the very first time, discussed on an international level during the years 1813‒15. The controversial “Norwegian question” regarding the cession of Norway from the Danish to the Swedish King against the proclaimed will of the people, became an issue to be discussed in the European public sphere, even during the Congress of Vienna.
This talk will focus on the place of the Norwegian question in the debates surrounding the Congress of Vienna and on the emerging role of public opinion in international politics at the time. A part of this picture is the role of what had been a veritable propaganda and pamphlet war in Europe regarding the cession of Norway.
When the new Nordic system of more or less independent national states was internationally confirmed and concluded in Vienna, Norway was secured a quite independent position, with its own constitution, in the, after all, inevitable union with Sweden. This makes 1815 a turning point, not only for Europe and international politics but for the political geography of Scandinavia as well.

Der Vortrag wird auf Englisch gehalten.