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"Nature writing" as World-Making? – Dr. Dörte Linke

Block 3 – Henrik-Steffens-Seminarreihe "NATUR – DENKEN − HANDELN" – Die Fiktion, die Beziehung von Mensch zu Umwelt – The fiction, the relationship of man to the environment.
The seminar will be held in English.

​​In the literary exploration of natural phenomena, it is always an important question how these can be conceptualized and described. It becomes clear that "nature" as such does not exist, but that literary images of nature are narratives and constructs that say less about the object itself and much more about the human beings who create them - their lifeworlds, their cultural values and, not least, their self-image in relation to their own environments. This lecture will therefore explore the phenomenon of so-called "nature writing" - what exactly can it be? And what problems and possibilities does it harbor? This will be examined using texts by the Swedish author Harry Martinsson (1904-1978) and Josefine Klougart (*1985) as examples. In this way, the lecture also ties in with the two previous ones, as it also deals with the question of how literary texts can prevent natural phenomena from being forgotten and how they thereby also connect times, spaces and living beings with each other.